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The American TOS Association needs you! Most non-profit organizations rely heavily on a large volunteer staff. Volunteers make it possible for non-profits to devote a larger percentage of funds to awareness, education and research. The American TOS Association needs your expertise! Calling all TOS patients! Help other TOS patients by volunteering with the American TOS Association. Who better to staff a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome organization than a TOS patient? Work from home and/or help us at conventions and conferences. In addition, the American TOS Association may make any volunteer position paid at any time to reflect business growth.  Thank you very much for volunteering with the American TOS Association.

Here are just a few positions.

1. ATOSA EBAY Manager-Silent Auction Manager
2. Research Assistants
3. Admin Assistants (will assume additional managerial duties from 1-08 to 6-08 via remote communication.
4. Regional Support Group Managers(5) U.S.(2) Canada (1) UK (1) Australia
5. ATOSA membership management
6. ATOSA Dedication Manager
7. ATOSA Operators(We have most all info online so calls are now limited)
9. ATOSA Event Assistants
10. Donations and Sponsors Specialist/ Acquisitions Support
11. Internal Review Board (IRB) Patient Advocate. MUST BE a TOS Patient. Need 2 people one that has had surgery and one that has declined surgery in favor of PT and/or alternative medicine. You wll sit on this board and oversee any research projects in which human subjects are used. Must complete a simple NIH Human Subjects and Research online class. Free and given online through the NIH.
12. Survey validators(5)
13. ATOSA internet specialist
14. ATOSA Volunteer Manager
15. ATOSA Graphic Designer(urgent need)(5 projects waiting graphic design development) Put your artistic skills to good use
16. ATOSA research Library Manager

If you're interested in volunteering with the American TOS Association please fill out form below. With your help we can continue to bring Thoracic Outlet Syndrome to the forefront of modern medicine. Thank you!

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Marketing Development
Event Management
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Interested in serving on our Board of Directors or administrative staff?  Want to make a difference? Are you a TOS experienced healthcare provider, a TOS experienced attorney, a TOS patient that wants to make a difference? We want you! Please consider helping today! Please consider donating a very small about of time and a large amount of your medical, legal, or other experience.  Thank you and we looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us today!
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