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  • hand pic updates. Initial reaction?
  • I would say a.b.c & d.

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  • Smokers?
  • Heidi
    It's been a while since you posted here - how are you doing?
    Just thought I would confess I smoke, I try to control it down to 10 a day at mo, it was only 5 when I was working all day tho'. I actually started again after quitting for 7 years - when all these strange symptoms began, feeling cold, white hands, shakes & palpatations, I'm repeating myself but docs gave me a leaflet on panic attacks & when in crisis I looked to cigarettes I suppose.
    The doc who tested me for carpal tunnel asked if I smoked, I said 5 a day & she said, that's OK then! :der:
    I think my problem is - I have to want to quit. HBPPP

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  • Are TOS-Arthritis-Whiplash Connected?
  • I can't wait to go back to the doctor the end of February and present him with my theory. I actually think he will understand. The last time I went and mentioned I thought that the pain in my upper back may be connected he immediately sent me for an upper spine x-ray.

    He caught me so off guard telling me I had Arthritis I didn't have any questions for him. It definitely seems as though TOS and spine issues are related. What to do for it if he agrees with me is something else.

    I can't do PT since I have a $35 a visit co-pay. I have to check with my GI doc if I can take something like acifix with advil, (stomach issues). The one time I took Naproxin for my back (3-400mg doses) I got an ulcer!

    Thank you for getting back to my post. I was starting to think there really wasn't anyone out there.

    I'm going to go and read through some of your other posts and keep searching for someone with a similar story to mine.

    Thanks again,

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  • Sudden Onset Severe Cramping in fingers and forearm?
  • Thanks X. That was some good reading. I'm finding that if a exercise the hand that tends to claw more, it seems to be leveling off, at least not getting an worse. :crossfingers: I've been sort of trying to flatten the fingers out on a hard surface and bought a squeeze stress ball thingy. If I place my hand on a hard surface the fingers tend to relax more but the minute I lift them up they start to contract a bit. I'm also trying to keep that hand warm as much as I can and that seems to be helping both the clawing and forearm cramping. I've been sort of experimenting with this and that, since doctors don't seem to have any other solutions. The only thing that does bother me is when I use the stress ball thingy, it hurts my upper arm. I can only do this on my non surgery arm, the one I'm trying to save and keep using cause it's slowly going. Just trying to keep my right arm and fingers moving.

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  • Breathing Problems and TOS (Pre and Post Surgery)
  • I am in Memphis - of course for TOS we travelled to St L & to Knoxvl & to doc's here - all said go for experience which is what i sought & I got. I think it is going to be just a search & trial & error in going to places only to maybe get nothing from it - or maybe get lucky -sounds like not alot of options. And it sounds like from a good deal of distance away - I am clueless other than those I mentioned & then there is thing called money in getting to these places & hotel all that were part of this last ordeal to try to get better - I am signing off getting too depressing - But thanks - Later - Jill

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  • Pawn caught between Dr and Ins co.
  • Quote:

    Originally Posted by Gail (Post 47277)
    Ah Neoh, brings back a flood of similar memories. Did your doctor's office all of the sudden come up with this co pay rule? Urrg. What a hassle. Are you doing this daily? I mean this is just a simple finger stick. How much do they want for this? Geesh. Too bad they won't pay for your travel expenses.AS8

    They apparently are paid well enough for most labwork by the insurance company that it is not their general practice - they told me that there are only two labs they turn into "nurse's visits." It is the first time I've run into it - so I don't know if it is new with respect to these two or a longstanding practice.

    The thing that really gets me annoyed is that they asked me before I came in if I wanted to have them done at the office or at a lab (so they obviously have no real need for the blood pressure and pulse which are only taken if I go to the office). I chose the office, figuring I was being nice to them by giving them another test to make a small profit on.

    No one bothered to tell me, when they asked me to make a decision, that they would treat that lab (and virtually no others) as an office visit, which permits them to charge a co-pay.

    They're probably sorry at the moment LSWSM They instructed me not to take my meds today until after the results (presumably expecting them to be instantaneous so they could adjust the dose today). I called immediately when it looked as if the results would be delayed 24 hours to make sure they still wanted me to hold off on today's dose. Then I called 2 hours later, then again another hour later. I finally got someone who wasn't an airhead - and now she is hunting for the number to the lab (which is well hidden for some reason - I always get routed through several exchanges before I get through to either the pharmacy or the lab - for some reason they route all calls to the central exchange then farm them back out of necessary). Probably a pointless hunt - they are normally posted between 11PM and 3AM, but it will occupy them for a little while.

    I expect today's little escapade cost them a good deal more than $10 worth of their time. I'd love to go back to their office for the instant results - but I'm not about to pick up an extra $70-100 charge a month just because they have figured out a way to "legitimately" charge me.

    As to travel - they are equivalent. Both add about 15 minutes (plus the time for the test) to my morning commute. At the moment, the testing is every other day.

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  • CT Angiography VS. Angiography
  • Quote:

    Originally Posted by Lordressler (Post 46222)
    I was told by my Doctor that he was scheduling me for a CTA (CT Angiograohy, I'm assuming after googling it) to check for Clots and/or anuerysms.

    When I googled CT Angiography, I found a description that basically said :
    (just posting the parts I thought described the procedure well)

    The technologist begins by positioning you on the CT examination table;
    A nurse will insert an IV line into a small vein in your arm or hand.;
    A small dose of contrast material may be injected through the IV to determine how long it takes to reach the area under study. During scanning, the table will then move to the start point and then move relatively rapidly through the gantry opening in the machine as the actual CT scanning is performed. An automatic injection machine connected to the IV will inject contrast material at a controlled rate both prior to and during scanning.;
    the CT scanning only takes between 5 and 20 seconds to acquire the appropriate images.

    Piece of cake I thought, compared to some of the other tests i've had. It doesn't sound painful and seems pretty quick. BUT THEN.. I ran a search here on the message board and all I found was Angiography (with no CT in the description) .. The description others give, such as on this post are VERY different from the one I found online.

    SO i'm curious (and desperatly hoping) Is a CT Angiography and a plain Angiography, to different things?? :confused:

    My CTA is scheduled for Tuesday 01/12/10 at 9am.

    I am in west TN, what dr do you see?

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  • Here's Your Sign...If Your Doctor says...
  • Quote:

    Originally Posted by Gail (Post 20073)
    If your doctor says that EMG's don't hurt....

    Here's you sign...

    Got nearly the same thing from the 2 nuerologists, ortho, and vascular surgeon.

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  • finally got to see my new consultant. not what was
  • Quote:

    Originally Posted by lumix (Post 47167)
    i have found one way of making the surgeons and doctors accountable for their actions i have put a post up on here about my surgeon (mr p wilson, lancaster, england) at least with this site you get the chance to warn others about their choice of docs and surgeons. i would really love for this guy to put me in court for slander etc to have the post removed, i really wish he would. :whistling:LSWSM:whistling::ahs
    if one of them has screwed you over then let others know about it, if what you say is truthfull then there is jack they can do about it.

    hi just went on this link and joined it thaks kyle kerry xxxps hope u ok?? xxx:ura1:

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  • Muscle Spasms
  • forwarding for members

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  • Deep Boring Pain...vascular or nerve
  • I have that in various parts of my body - in fact, I touch those places to see if they are wet from the dog or anything Shg8

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  • Ended up the ER Yesterday.
  • Thank you guys so much. I went to my appointment today to only be passed around again to a pain expert.I told the doctor I wanted more tests and he is like uh yeah well I well send you to this pain specialist. I am like is he going to do more tests? The doc uh yeah I think so. I was like you think so!! I drove over an hour to be in the office five minutes so you can tell me you will send me to a pin specialist! The herniated disc's are on my spinal cord and you are going to send me to a pain specialist. I was angry when I left the office I wept all the way home. I got online tonight and googled specific Thoracic specialist in Oregon area. There is a University that specializes in this field and first thing tomorrow morning I am going to call them and see if I can get in to see them.Lets get real here. I have Degenerate disc disease, I have had a total of six disc's fused and end up with TOS, then only a few months after my last neck fusion I end up with a bulging disc in my neck above the four they just fused, then only a few months after that I end up in the ER thinking I am having a heart attack and it was because a Thoracic disc herniated and pushed against my spinal cord. Then I try to get in to see a surgeon but had to wait five months to see him and the whole time I am waiting I feel like I am having chest pains all the time and feel like my chest is being crushed and I can not breath. Then I move and I have to fight again to be seen then I end up in the ER again with the same symptoms only worse and I get an MRI that shows less then six months I now have two herniated disc's! Hello there is a problem here! The doctor tells me gee I do not think your pain is coming from the herniated disc's Hello that is what has put me in the ER twice and causes me not to sleep at night. I mean do we see a pattern here that needs to be looked into? They want to put a band aid in it and throw drugs at me so the government can continue pouring out money and I can live in pain all the time. Yes guys I am a bit Po'd.I need help and I need it now. So I am going to take steps and pray to God to send me to the right place for help. You all are such a blessing please keep in touch with me I need you.DID I mention I saw the Vascular surgeon yesterday for my TOS and he too is sending me to a Nero specialist. Again passed around.

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  • TOS Diagnostic Testing
  • thanks so much for this very detailed report.

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  • Writing...does it cause any symptoms?
  • I just read this a few days ago and thought these pens looked interesting cuz I have difficulty writing too and when I was looking through one of my dads mail order magazines today I saw this type of pen. It's only $9.99 through and its called the Ergo-sof pen item #97135. It looks like it has a squishy outside too. Definitely gonna try it.

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  • Migraines
  • Quote:

    Originally Posted by maude~flanders (Post 47076)
    Pain killers do nothing for my migraines - just make me drugged with a migraine.

    TH - Which compression shirt did you buy? Do you have a link?

    Hey J...I remember he had a link in this thread.

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