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This notice explains our privacy policy. By visiting the American TOS Association at, you accept the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Keeping your private information "private" is something the American TOS Association takes very seriously. The American TOS Association collects personally identifiable only when the individual knowingly and willfully submits this data to any portion of our website with interactive capabilities such as but not limited to: messages boards, Featured TOS Patients, TOS BLOGS, and TOS Chats. These pages are available to the viewing public at any time.  By participating in any of the American TOS Associations interactive capabilities, you agree that any information you submit to any of these forums or any other areas of our website is available for public view. This does not however, include specific questions willfully submitted via our "contact us" form and professional password protected pages.

The American TOS Association does collect general website traffic information which includes but not limited to: time and date of access, pages accessed, search engine used, external website site traffic, continent, time and day information. This information is collected and stored externally for the purpose of improving strategic TOS information available to the public and improving general website information. If you access our website using  your personal website (ie John W., this information is included in our website traffic statistics. We cannot control this. The American TOS Association, Inc. highly suggest that if you do not want your personal website address stored in our traffic data, you should access our "website" from another or alternative website/location.

Personal information may be requested for the following but not limited to; donations(by mail, phone or via Paypal) and all other inquires. Donations made through Paypal are subject to Paypal's privacy policy and our encrypted per Paypal's site safety guidelines. We may collect the following information if you have willfully and knowingly submitted this information: first and last name, title, affiliation, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone number(s) email address(s), subject of question or comment and any other information we deem form appropriate. The American TOS Association may disclose donor information as required by law.

Your health-related information is privileged and confidential and is between you and your physician(s). The American TOS Association collects health-related information that is not personally identifiable through generic surveys and polls. Survey questions are generic and recorded for statistical purposed only. The American TOS Association does NOT track email addresses when submitting survey or poll information. The American TOS Association does NOT respond to inquiries that include health related personal information  as we do not offer medical advice over the phone, in person, by mail, or by online inquires. Any personally identifiable information you knowingly and willfully submit to any public forum within our website is not subject to our privacy policy and you assume all risks involved with disclosing personal and health related information for public view.

Linked sites and advertisers may record the usual website traffic patterns and purchase information. Personally identifiable information may be collected from any linked source, advertiser or retailer for the purpose of conducting a financial transaction or other purposes identified in their respective privacy policies. The American TOS Association does not record specific financial information regarding purchases made through our advertisers. We do, however, receive reports of total sales and commission amounts. This is to ensure that the American TOS Association, Inc. receives the appropriate contracted commission and to provide the purchaser with proof of a charitable donation for income tax purposes (if requested). You must knowingly and willfully contact the American TOS Association, Inc. with your purchase or donation amount, the Retailers name, your name and address to receive a receipt for your commission donation. WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY FURTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION from any of our advertisers  REGARDING ANY DONATION or OUTSIDE PURCHASE.

For researchers and other individuals, groups or corporations that have or will receive funds from the American TOS Association Inc., Permission is deemed granted upon submission of an application to the American TOS Association to receive personality identifying information.This may include extensive personal information. The American TOS Association may disclose Personal Information to third parties for the purpose of initiating, continuing or closing any financial transactions associated with grants, fellowships, personal medical grants, or any other procedure requiring a financial transaction with the American TOS Association. We reserve the right to use these financial awards for the purpose of any publicity we deem necessary to promote our business growth. (This applies only to research awardees.) Those private individuals who seek and receive financial assistance from the American TOS Association for the sole purpose of paying an approved TOS specialist's consultation fee may opt-out of any public publicity at any time. NO patient specific personal identification will be included in any outside research project unless informed consent has been achieved. Informed Consent is required before any American TOS Association researcher can discuss, transmit, or record any patient information in which the patient agrees to be personally referred to.  Informed Consent occurs when an individual has sufficient facts about the disclosure, understand  those facts in  their native language, and voluntarily, knowingly and willfully consents to the disclosure. The American TOS Association requires any third party contracted for research purposes to procure Informed Consent before the American TOS Association will allow any outside research or be party to any outside research. However, this does not apply to data supplied to the American TOS Association in generic form with no personal patient identifying information attached.

We occasionally hire other companies to provide services on our behalf. We may provide only generic information to those companies and prohibit them from using even this generic information for any other purpose other than what has been contracted. We do NOT transfer our mailing list to other organizations. You always have the option of opting out of our mailing list service but contacting us directly through our website or by phone.

The American TOS Assocation makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations that our Web site is invulnerable to all security breaks. The American TOS Association makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation that the use of our Web site is protected from viruses, security threats, or other vulnerabilities and that your information will always be secure.

Our privacy policies apply only to your use of the American TOS Association's Web site. Our site contains links to other sites of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome interest. We do not disclose personally identifiable information to those operating linked sites and we are not responsible for their privacy practices.  You should read the privacy policies of each site you visit to determine what information that site may be collecting about you.

This privacy statement is updated periodically to reflect policy change and business growth and publicly available on our main page dropdown list. It applies only to our online practices and does not encompass other areas of the organization. References to "American TOS Association", "American TOS Association, Inc.", "we", "us", "our" or ", 'organization" are references to American TOS Association Inc.  We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and will post to our website any revisions made.  You agree to review the Privacy Policies each time you use our Web site so that you are aware of any modifications. By accessing or using the Web site, you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy as posted at the time of your access or use. If you have any questions about our policy, you may send us an email at [email protected] or write to:

American TOS Association, Inc.
2263 W. New Haven Avenue #454
W. Melbourne, Florida 32904

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. 





A very special thanks to Dr. Robert W. Thompson, Washington University School of Medicine, and Barnes Jewish Hospital for their initial enthusiasm and support for the 2009 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Conference.

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