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The American Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Associatoin has partnered with the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Support Group Network to bring you a lively, very welcoming and very compassionate Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Syndrome Forum. Together, we continue to bring Thoracic Outlet Syndrome to the forefront of modern medicine. Enjoy private messaging create social groups, upload avatars, create surveys and polls, customize your profile with any photos and colors, and navigate your control panal. Tons of Smilies too!

"Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed last week with neuro-TOS (with a further self-diagnosis of Gilliatt-Sumner Hand) and a week before that I had never even heard of TOS! As I'm sure most of you can relate, it was both a weight on and off my shoulders - Finally I had a diagnosis for what was happening to me, but now the real work starts. I've been reading ATOSA's site and this forum non stop for the past week and I can't tell you what a relief it is to not only figure out what my problem was, but that there's a huge support network for other's afflicted too."

                                                                            Community Member "skeletor"

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No problem! Everyone is new at one time. Our moderators and fellow forum members can help you begin your forum experience! All you need to do is ask. Come on and enjoy the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Support Group Network. It's a great forum filled with wonderful people! We hope to see you there today!

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Remember, the decisions you make today aren't just for the here and now but for a lifetime...

Public Notice: No online Thoracic Outlet Syndrome forum can confirm any patient accounts, in particular, surgical outcomes. Every patient is different and so are outcomes. We encourage safe critical thinking in favor of emotional decision making when deciding on any invasive procedures. Remember that the decisions you make today aren't just for the here and now but for the rest of your life. Consult your physician for questions, diagnosis and treatment. Use of the information in any online forum is done at your own risk.


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