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Living with TOS-Jennifer's Story 
TOS Patient

Living with TOS


While working as an administrative assistant for three bio-tech start up companies back in 1999 I noticed a dull pain that started in my right wrist and gradually grew up my arm into my neck and shoulder blades and eventually consumed my left arm as well.  I had extreme pain everywhere in my upper extremities within the year.


After two years of searching, I finally found a vascular surgeon that looked me directly in the eyes with one hand softly resting on my shoulder and stated that I had bilateral TOS and that they were going to help me. In 2002 and 2004 I hadmy scalenectomy surgeries and followed the Peter Edgelow TOS Therapy Protocol. 


I was able to regain a large portion of my life back.  Then, around 2005 I started to experience some of the old symptoms as well as some new symptoms and was recently diagnosed with bilateral Pectoralis Minor Syndrome and will have the first of two surgeries very soon.


I look at TOS as a wake up call for me to slow down, enjoy life and my family.  I now understand the delicate balance of living with TOS and trying to be active and pain free as possible.  I left my administrative assistant position and all of the physical demands it had on me and began working for our small family company, Granny Ruth's Fudge.


I'm very thankful for ATOSA and the people that I have met because of this organization.  Thru the forum pages I have found wonderful people who are sharing stories with me daily and the site is so plentiful with resources and information that I would have never of found on my own.


Jennifer Noska



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Granny Ruth's Fudge
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