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  • 354.0 Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Median nerve entrapment
    • Partial thenar atrophy
  • 354.1 Other lesion of median nerve
    • Median nerve neuritis
  • 354.2 Lesion of ulnar nerve
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome
    • Tardy ulnar nerve palsy
  • 354.3 Lesion of radial nerve
    • Acute radial nerve palsy
  • 354.4 Causalgia of upper limb
    • Excludes: causalgia:
      • NOS (355.9)
      • lower limb (355.71)
  • 354.5 Mononeuritis multiplex
    • Combinations of single conditions classifiable to 354 or 355
  • 354.8 Other mononeuritis of upper limb
  • 354.9 Mononeuritis of upper limb, unspecified
  • 353.0 Brachial plexus lesions
    • Cervical rib syndrome
    • Costoclavicular syndrome
    • Scalenus anticus syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Excludes: brachial neuritis or radiculitis NOS (723.4)
      • that in newborn (767.6)
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