• Are there physicians who specialize in TOS?
    Yes, however not that many! Please note that many physicians list TOS as a clinical interest but this isn't the same as an active interest.
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  • Do all physicians understand TOS?
    This simple answer to this question is no! Very few physicians have any knowledge of TOS.
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  • Do all therapists understand TOS?
    Very few understand TOS, TOS Surgery and TOS physical therapy.
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  • Can I access the professional pages of your website?
    The professional pages are designed to meet strict confidentiality guidelines. Therefore you must be a Healthcare specialist to access these pages. A passCODE is required to enter these pages.
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  • Can I access the TOS public Forum?
    Yes, any member of the public may access the TOS public form. Please see our Terms of Service and privacy policies for more information regarding conduct while accessing, viewing and using this forum.
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  • Are most nurses famliar with TOS?
    Very few are!
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  • Are most Emergency Room Physicians familiar with TOS and TOS surgery?
    MOST ER physicians have very little knowledge of TOS and what is involved with TOS surgery.
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  • Does the American TOS Association refer patients to TOS physicans?
    No. The American TOS Association does not make any physician referrals at this time.
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  • Is the American TOS Association listed with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt corporation?
    Yes, the American TOS Association is the nation's leading and only 501(c)(3) Charity fully dedicated to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome education, awareness and research.
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  • Is my donation tax deductable?
    Yes, your donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law.
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  • Can I participate in future TOS surveys?
    Yes! Your participation is vital.
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