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Dedication Page 
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Thank You Dedication:

To Debbie H and the Smock family:

Thank you for you support and help over the years since I started on this journey.
Knowing Lizzie and I can count on you has meant the world to me!


Thank You Dedication:

To Lizzie:

For bringing me smiles and being the reason I go on each day through the pain.

I couldn't do it without you!


I Love You Dedication:

To artie you are my everything.

I will survive and improve because i love you.


Thank You Dedication:

Thank You.

Thank you for understanding. pain needs compassionate others.


Thank You Dedication

In Dedication to:

My Parents and Brothers who support me through it all!


Thank You Dedication:

Thank you Dr. Russell for finally giving me a diagnosis.


Thank You Dedication:

Thanks to my wonderful husband for supporting me through this.


I Love You Dedication:

Because I love you son.

You've gone thru alot dealing with your TOS Son and handled it all so well.

You are awesome!


Thank You Dedication:

We've had a lot of great help from many doctors, phys therapist, chiro, radiologists, friends, and family for our son.

Thank you all.


Thank You Dedication:

Thank you Gail

Gail, You have been a true friend and advisor.
Thank you so much for your love and compassion.

In Memory of:

In memory of our beloved grandson Eddie who we will always cherish even though we had him with us for so short a time!


Gramma Ann

In Honor of:

Dear Deb,

Thank you for everything you've done to help ATOSA. Even through your pain, you've managed to bring hope to thousands of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome patietns throughout the world. We thank you very much for your selfless compassion.


The American Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Association

In Honor of:

I want to Honor my son Dalton who is always there for me. Dalton is a very special 12 year old boy and  he will help with chores and dinner with out even being asked. He knows more about TOS and RSD then the doctor do! Dalton is so loving and caring, I am one lucky MoM !!!!



In Memory of:

A dedication in memory of Joelle


Your Mommy

In Memory of:

In memory of my father, George Jones, whose mind was troubled but has gone to a better place.



I Love You Dedication:

To my husband Phil, who is my inspiration, my rock, my everything,



In Honor of:

In honor of my loving husband and best friend, Steve, who has been with me thru every minute of my diagnosis and treatments.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your patience, generosity and unconditional love.



In Memory of:

In Memory of my Dad

Who always tought me to fight for what I needed and to never give up.

I Love you Pop's and I Miss You Very Much.



Congratulations Dedication:

Congratulations to Terry for passing your first year in residency!

You rock!

Lorraine and Mike James

In Honor of:

Dear Angie
My partner and soulmate. We're in this together. You are a beautiful woman and loving mother. We're with you all the way. Can't wait for you to come home.

My wife had surgery today and is doing ok.

Love you lots

Greg, Talena, Marcos and Tweeters

In Memory of:

Scooter -

You brought such simple pleasures of love into our lives with just your presence.

We love you dear kitty.

May 1, 1991 - August 21, 2008

From Scooter's Family

In Honor of:

To all TOSer's and Families:

Help bring TOS to the forefront in medical research, and in our communities with some sort of understanding.



Thank You Dedication:


To Vern and Marleen

Thanks for making me well!


Thank You Dedication:

A Thank You Dedication to Sergei!

Thank you Sergei, who always support me and fight with me against TOS!!

Thank you Dedication:

Thanks to all for sharing in the forums!


In Honor of:

In Honor of all the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome patients out there!


In Memory of:

To  George & Arlene Johns:

We miss you and think of you every single day.

You two were the "rocks" of the family and cannot be replaced.



Call for Support:

Calling on all Hams to support this organization.

Family of W6KXQ

Thank You Dedication:

In Honor of:

To my mom

To my mom for always helping me with my TOS struggle. 


I Love you Dedication:

To my son Jason,
You're an inspiration to me.
You've helped me more than you know.

Mom- A.K.A. "Momma Cassidy"

Thank you Dedication:

I write this dedication to my friend Kay.

A "forever thank you" for being with me for my surgery in Denver January 2004, when no one in my family would come forward.


God Bless you Kay!




In Memory of:

In Memory of Hazal Irene Waterman
Hey Blondie we miss you.

Love you more than ever


In Memory of:

Dear Dad,

Thank you for giving me the courage to fight this awful pain.

Love you always.






In Memory of Our Grandson Eddie 


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