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What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) (tee-oh-es) is a complex neurovascular condition affecting the upper extremity, often presenting as a collection of signs and symptoms that occur over time or in some cases, appears suddenly without warning. Symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can range from mild tingling in the fingers to life and limb threatening deep vein thrombosis (DVT) otherwise known as blood clots.Learn More about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-TOS


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American Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  (ATOSA)

Public Notice of Organizational Changes and the transferring of ATOSA to an all encompassing Non Profit Organization

Founder's Message of Continued Hope


Mission accomplished!  Well partially anyway. The American TOS Association has brought Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) awareness around the world and we aren't stopping now but we are going to have to make some very big changes. These changes are necessary in order for this organization to continue to advocate for this controversial condition.

Both Mrs.Tanya Beulen and I brought our concerns to our Board of Directors about the current direction the medical community is taking in terms of the diagnosing and treatment of TOS, as well as the difficult economy and our personal ability to physically and intellectually volunteer our support for this cause. It became time for us to reevaluate what we've learned and observed over the past few years and come to a decision. In light of our concerns, we felt our only choices were to close ATOSA entirely or to combine ATOSA with an all-encompassing organization. We've come way too far to let all our tremendously hard, all volunteer work go to waste so we have chosen to combine with another will still continue but in a different capacity.

Our observation of the patient community has given us a chance to better understand the totality of head-to-toe subjective physical complaints in relation to the diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and it became quite obvious that we needed to address this. By simple observation, it was also obvious that despite such an wide array of subjective symptoms within this patient population, a lot of patients were/are still being diagnosed with "TOS" even though there remains such an obvious lack of nationally researched and agreed upon defining symptoms. First and most important, we believe that this particular medical mentality can be quite harmful to the patient but also places an unfair financial burden on both insurance companies and taxpayers.

We felt that we not only needed to address the diagnosis of "TOS" but we also had to take into consideration the treatment of "TOS" in the matter in which it is being treated today.  In observation of what we (Tanya and I) believe to be some seriously questionable surgical mentality considering such a large array of symptoms, we felt that we needed to take a closer look at both our professional and personal advocacy of "TOS" in and of itself.  

We are NOT stopping out support for TOS at all, we are shifting our support for "TOS" into an all encompassing organization that better reflects the overall symptoms reported by this patient population.  We believe that making this big change will not only better help people with "TOS" but  will  also reach out to more people with upper extremity (arm) complaints who may have been misdiagnosed with "TOS", or have another condition in conjunction with "TOS", which seems to better reflect this patient population in general.

After or during this transfer, the transfer organization will be considering opening an additional strictly lobbying organization to bring upper extremity syndromes to Washington D.C. This will require additional and/or update permission from the Internal Revenue Service. Not only do we think this this is a huge step for the cause, it is an entirely obvious and important one! Squeeky-wheel get's the grease and we intend to get the wheels going in Washington to better reflect the ever growing complaints of upper extremity (arm) problems post industrial age. 

Effective Saturday, May 14, 2011,  the American TOS Association will cease some operations temporarily while we make this transfer to the new organization. No new memberships will be authorized on or after Saturday May 14, 2011.  Any donations after this date will be held (If you chose this ) until the Internal Revenue Service has made these changes in their records and the transferring to the new organization is complete. Any membership made on May 14, 2011 will not be processed and/or refunded.

Memberships to ATOSA as of Friday May 13, 2011 will be honored and benefits will continue. The ATOSA.ORG website will still remain functional throughout this transition, however, only some pages will remain online.

I cannot begin to thank all of our volunteers for their continued support and effort. Without your support, we wouldn't exist.  Our members are great, caring people sharing things along the way in hopes of helping others through their troubled times.

We are very much looking forward to this change so we can continue to bring Thoracic Outlet Syndrome to the Forefront of Modern Medicine and to continue to advocate for those suffering from this terribly painful, often frustrating condition.  

Look for updates to this transfer on this website.  We are going to take this transfer slow to ensure the health and well being of those providing  their volunteer time to accomplish this wonderful transfer. We are anticipating the two organizations will be completely combined on or before Spring-Summer 2012.  

God Bless you and your family and may you be free of pain today, tomorrow and forever! You can get better!



Gail M. Sault, Founder, TOS Patient
American TOS Association

Transfer Update Page. Keep Track of ATOSA's Merger

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Hope

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